When Is A Clock Glee Club
When Gordon's wife vanishes, the only clue to her whereabouts is a bookmark in dog-eared copy of Traveling to Montpelier. With little help to be found at work, from his son, or from the police, Gordon takes off to a rural bookstore to find some answers. His journey brings him to the town of Cornersville, in the wilds of Pennsylvania.

Through a fractured narrative that is half-mystery and half-memory, we learn about Gordon’s marriage, his relationship with his son, his work-life and his wife’s bizarre entanglements with a mysterious stranger. We learn, too, about the nature of the landscape unique to the play: a magical universe with physics and laws that can both free the characters from their own stifling identities, and trap them as well. Synchronicity, dreams, and alchemy combine in this exploration of what it means to be able to – and unable to – change.

Eight misfit members of Romeo, Vermont's cut-throat glee club are on the verge of meltdown after their soloist makes a disastrous decision.. Will they be ready in time for the big recital? Isn't music the most important thing? An explicit comedy about what it takes to sing, and the cost of making yourself happy.
The Death of King Arthur The Americans
Thomas Mallory's L'Morte D'Arthur is transformed into a five-act play in verse in this thrilling epic tale. The Holy Grail has been found and the Round Table has won its place in history, but Lancelot has returned from the Quest in shame, a secret sin on his head. King Arthur discovers the sin, and the ensuing struggle dramatically exposes the deep flaws and nobility of the Arthurian myth as it examines the transition from an idealistic monarchy to a modern and pragmatic democracy. A young man writes a poem, “The Americans,” so beautiful that the walls of his room rise into the sky and explode, covering New York in wood and plaster rain. For three young men vaguely nervous about what their lives are becoming, it is, at least, something different.

Taking us into the confidences of unblinkingly honest strangers on an unparalleled day, Matthew Freeman’s play is an exploration of the human response to the unexpected and inexplicable. The Americans is poetic, haunting, resonant, and familiar

Rabbi Hersh and the Talking Lobster The Most Wonderful Love
When Mother and Father celebrate their long and happy marriage with an unprecedented ceremonial unwedding, their friends and relations gather from all over to feast on the spoils. Get ready for this sprawling satire on contemporary marriage and American fundamentalism.
A giant lobster decides to convert to Judaism, and visits a lonely Rabbi on Chanukah. (In Great Short Comedies Vol. 5)